AMAKA FAQs: Your Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting Your Creative Journey
  1.  What is AMAKA?

AMAKA is a social publishing platform empowering Pan-African Creators to reach a global audience and monetize their creativity through subscriptions and gigs.

  1.  How Can I Sign Up?

Signing up for AMAKA is a breeze! Just head to, create your FREE account, and start sharing your creative stories.

  1. Is AMAKA Free?

Absolutely! AMAKA offers free access for creators to use the platform and unleash their creativity.

  1. Do I Own Rights to my Content?

At AMAKA, creators own their content, giving them the power to monetize their unique creations.

  1. How Can I Monetize My Content?

Explore various options to monetize on AMAKA, including subscription power, creator challenges, payment links + tipping, brand partnerships + creative gigs, and more.

  1. How do I customise my channel?

Simply log into your account, navigate to "Profile," click on "Customise Channel," and proceed to make any desired adjustments to tailor your account to your liking. After making the changes, don't forget to hit "Save". 

  1. How Can Brands Connect with Pan-African Creators on AMAKA?

AMAKA connects Brands to Culture through bespoke brand solutions that amplifies your brand message using geo-targeted campaign solutions and localised branded content.   Submit a Brief.

Designed collaboratively with creators, we connect advertisers with our culturally diverse community. Brands can engage and resonate with their vibrant audience through: Video Content, Podcast Content, Photography Spreads and Written Editorial. Submit a Brief.

Click here  to see our Brand Solutions and how we Brands partner with brands in diverse ways.

  1. What type of Creators are on the AMAKA platform?

AMAKA's diverse network includes creative entrepreneurs, Gen-Z & Millennial creatives, cultural innovators, tastemakers, digital-savvy minds, and bi-cultural voices.

  1. What Tools Are Available for Creators on AMAKA?

Explore content creation, written stories, video narratives, and soon, virtual events and audio expressions on AMAKA.

  1. How Can Creators Earn Money on AMAKA?

Earn through community subscription, creator challenges, payment links + tipping, brand partnerships + creative gigs.

  1. How Can I Post Content on AMAKA?

Once you've signed up, click on "Create," choose between writing a story or sharing a video, craft your content, click "Next" to preview, add a topic, consider marking it as exclusive if it's just for your community, and finally, hit "Publish Now" to share your masterpiece with the world. 

  1. How Can I Connect with the AMAKA Community?

Join discussions, dedicated communities, network with fellow creators, and connect with a global Pan-African audience to enhance your creative journey here.

Ready to dive in? Create your FREE AMAKA account here and embark on your creative adventure. Have more questions? Drop us a DM anytime. Welcome to AMAKA – where your creativity takes center stage! 

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