Our Study: "Black Women in the United States: Navigating Dual Cultures and Shaping Futures"
Key Findings and Insights from Our Research Study.
Guiding Principles, Identity & Personal Values
While adapting to dual cultural environments presents challenges, central to Black women's lives is their unwavering commitment to family, driving their actions and choices.
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Exploring Media & the Digital Sphere
In today's digital age, platforms like TikTok and WhatsApp serve as essential tools for information, connection, and skill development. Discover how Black women in the U.S. engage with influencers and creators spanning diverse niches, from cooking to fashion.
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Product Consumption Behaviour
Cultural preservation is paramount, evident in their appreciation of traditional clothing, music and cuisine. Their choices are notably influenced by their communities and product reviews. Additionally, they display a strong dedication to supporting Black-owned enterprises and companies that contribute to the empowerment and upliftment of Black and African communities.
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Understanding Emerging Trends
Attitudes toward technological advancements are nuanced. While curiosity and excitement prevail, there's also a sense of caution and uncertainty about how it will impact their communities, reflecting the dynamic nature of technology in their lives.
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Unlocking  Key Insights
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Our study, “Black Women in the United States: Navigating Dual Cultures and Shaping Futures," delves into the lives of Black women in the U.S. as they navigate the intricate challenges posed by dual cultures and assesses their profound societal influence. Through a qualitative interview process involving 12 women and the collection of over 680 survey responses from U.S. - based African, African American and U.S. - based Caribbean women, the study delves into their fundamental guiding principles, their connections within the digital and rapidly evolving technology landscapes, their product consumption patterns, and their impact on popular culture.
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