July 20, 2023
The Benefits of AMAKA's Creator Platform for Creators.

As a social publishing platform connecting a global community of women from Africa and across the diaspora, AMAKA Studio has been at the forefront of empowering a new generation of Pan-African content creators.

All images via Getty Images
All images via Getty Images
Despite the feats recorded by Pan-African content creators in the creative economy, the odds have stood against them. Content creators and entrepreneurs across Africa and the diaspora have found monetising and amplifying their creations challenging. Existing digital space often overlooks, shadow ban, or underpay creators resulting in missed opportunity and little global visibility for their work.

AMAKA aims to change this narrative through a publishing technology creator platform that opens the door for young African creators to reach new audiences and monetize their content through subscriptions.

Below are some of the perks Pan-African content creators tend to gain from AMAKA’s creator economy.

Write and publish your story

All content creators on the platform, whether in Lagos, Nairobi or South Africa, can write and share their stories from any location in the world.

Build your own community

AMAKA creator platform offers creatives the opportunity of growing an audience or building one from scratch. The platform helps users create and grow their unique community aligned with their interests and passions.

Earn money from your creativity

Creators have the choice to monetise their stories for a global audience of over 300 million Pan-African women by putting their stories behind a paywall. This feature allows them to receive recurring income from subscribers.

Multi-currency payment solutions

One of the main challenges faced by Pan-African content creators is that several global platforms do not support payment systems unique to the African creator economy. Pan-African content creators often encounter payment problems because of the limited payment options offered by existing digital space. AMAKA’s creator platform solves this by providing multi-currency payment solutions for creators


Content creators can also get tips from the audience in the form of a one-off payment in exchange for making special shoutouts, personalised messages, or requests.

Sponsored branded content

Through the new creator platform, AMAKA’s content and partnerships team would develop brand content with creators to execute innovative and relevant content for brands to connect with a culturally diverse audience.


AMAKA makes it easy for creators to manage free or paid events. This spans from scheduling and ticketing to event promotion and attendee management.

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